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January 2018
Excellence Lost
January 2007
When I Was Fifteen
November 2006
Today Minus 31 Years
Can You See This?
October 2006
Backbone Bob Indeed
Without Focus
September 2006
5 Years, But Far More
July 2006
Learn Your Trade, Moron
May 2006
What Did They Fight For?
Reprise of the Simple
Let the Joneses Have It
March 2006
Nuclear Implosion
1095 Hours
February 2006
So Long and Thanks!
Some Facts
January 2006
Memo to Politicians
I Love Web Serendipity
December 2005
Organization for Minimalists
And Now This Interruption
Scrooge Week
Why Some Technical Folk Don't Get It
November 2005
Wannabe Equals Fake
Hallucinations Don't Make Truth
Which of these men is most dangerous?
September 2005
What's On Your Mind?
Four Years
Next Year A Bridge Will Collapse
Watching History
August 2005
Ocean Front Property
Simplicity Circles
June 2005
Peers For Peds
May 2005
The Last Best Chance
Stuff Needs Fixing
Rats As Ultimate Survivors
Supplying the Luxury Rat Race
April 2005
Leonardo Paints Google
An Open Letter to Martha Burk
Most Want Fast and Cheap
The Rat Race Expands
March 2005
The Time Is Now
Lawyers Just Don't Grok It
Global Warming Fact and Fiction
Just Cancel It
February 2005
Times Change
Here's to the Veterans
FOX Reminds CBS
Weekend Assignment
Journalists Without Shame
God Bless America
January 2005
Liberals At A Loss