God Bless America

2 February 2005

“Blowback” is a term I had not associated with geopolitical events and military operations. This morning’s trolling uncovered an article from the Rocky Mountain News that brings that term to the fore.

The premise is that we have no way to know what the unintended consequences of our actions might be. With hindsight, we begin speculating about why events unfold as they do. Was it Islam? Was it putting military bases in Saudi Arabia? Was it past support rethought and removed? Was it some other specific element of foreign policy? Was it envy? Speculations fuel many a latenight debate.

However, it was completely predictable what type of blowback might result from Churchill’s drivel. Any patriotic American readily sees that Chalmers Johnson also arrives at flawed conclusions about root causes. It is really tough to see through lenses so frosted by partisanship. Yet, we give these people voice and protect them with the rest of our citizenry.

God bless America!

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