An Open Letter to Martha Burk

8 April 2005

In today’s Wall Street Journal you said this, Ms. Burk:

Augusta National Golf Club, which openly and proudly discriminates against women, will produce its Masters Golf Tournament with considerable help from the masters of corporate America.

A bit later, you added:

The harm to stockholders pales beside the harm to working women.

Ms. Burk, should you ever find yourself reading this, get a clue. Yes, get a clue. You’re doing nothing to help the world-wide cause of human or women’s rights. You’re grandstanding. You’re disenchanted with not being part of the crowd at Augusta. You’re clueless about where women need your brand of activism. Here’s one example from the streets of Mecca:

Finally, someone managed to open the door and hundreds of terrified girls rushed into the street to escape the suffocating smoke and encroaching flame. In their hurry to escape, however, they did not have time to go to their rooms to get the obligatory head coverings they needed to venture out-of-doors. A score of Muslim religious policemen (called Mutawas), outraged at seeing bare-headed girls swarming openly in a public street, converged on the scene with one intent—to guard the decency of the community by forcing the girls back into the burning building!

That’s the mildest thing I could quote from Secrets of the Koran. I suggest to you, Ms. Burk—and others who lament the “plight” of women in America—that a brief search will uncover far greater harm to women in unimaginable circumstances far from Augusta, Georgia. Please, just get a clue!

[Please note: Ms. Burk, chair of the National Council of Women’s Organizations, is the author of Cult of Power, published this week by Scribner.] How timely.

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