The Rat Race Expands

1 April 2005

For a long time the “rat race”—as defined by me—involved the panic-stricken looks on people’s faces as they drove for ever greater material gains. Conspicuous consumption was a particularly annoying arms race that neighbors, church members, coworkers and associates engaged in as if “it” mattered. Deeply entrenched in the battles, these people only look puzzled when questioned about why they think their choices are necessities.

Today, I see yet another dimension to the rat race. Unfortunately, it means one of my favorite writers is taking a break. After a few weeks of talking heads talking simultaneously about rights, wrongs…wait, they only taked about rights. No one ever spoke up to say, “that which is legal may still be wrong; those things labeled rights may involve thoughts, deeds or words to be left alone.” Now, James Lileks brings the muddle of addled thinking into sharp focus. Purpose-driven doesn’t begin to adequately describe the depth of his commitment, insight and influence.

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