I Love Web Serendipity

14 January 2006

Chariots of Fire was playing on A&E this morning. The coffee was a repackaging of four bags of remnants. I called it pilgrim berry.

Deciding to really learn more about what Newsvine is all about, I began browsing. The first thing that caught my eye was I Have Seen the End of the United States. What an excellent take on the behavior of politicians and what it foretells of our future.

Wanting to learn more about Andy, I visited his web site. From there I learned of his employer’s web site. The message is clear that great, attention-grabbing web sites can also be standards-compliant and key marketing components for businesses.

Revisiting Andy’s site, I learned about his minimalist views of web site and weblog comments. Batting two for two with his writing, Andy’s site took me next to Online News Just Got Interesting where I learned of Khoi Vinh, his new role with The New York Times and the agency he departed.

Now, back to that Newsvine thing. It appears the vine really works.

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