Global Warming Fact and Fiction

23 March 2005

With any important idea, something serves as a catalyst. In the field of organizational improvement and development, the best way to fuel interest is with anecdotes. Tom Peters mastered that skill in print and on stage. Some books are best at “proving the need.” An executive may not be driven to pursue quality by reading Out of the Crisis, but Customers for Life might motivate. The difference—the anecdotes!

Michael Crichton has a similar ability to create interest in a field of study by telling the story. He did it with Airframe. He did it with Prey.

Now, State of Fear uses a story to teach some uncommon wisdom about environmental science and politics. There are better novels. However, for those who believe everything you see, hear or read in the mainstream media, this book is an eye-opener. The theories of global warming and the sciences which underpin them are explored carefully. Remember, Michael Crichton writes novels, but the footnotes in his novels are nonfiction. The sources of data and the bibliography are also real sources for beginning a study of global warming that is built on scientific truth, facts and the scientific method. All else is propaganda!

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