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August 2006
Increase Apple Store Sales in Germantown
January 2006
Thinking About the Year
December 2005
Just As I Suspected
They Are Fleeing
The Bluff City
Dollywood or Putt Putt?
September 2005
June 2005
When Your Sweetheart Is A Dollar
May 2005
Now We're Getting Somewhere
Opportunities Missed
March 2005
Memphis Media
August 2004
When Blogging Went Dark
July 2004
You Want To Know What's Still Difficult?
City Envy
June 2004
Classical Liberals
April 2004
Can You Fix My Hair Dryer?
How Secure Are We?
March 2004
Jury Duty - Day 2
January 2004
The Inferiority Complex - We Earn It
November 2003
Not Again
October 2003
Memphis Is Like This
September 2003
Hurricane Isabel, Meet Hurricane Elvis
It Won't Help
In Memphis They Sit On Their Hands
Hurricane Isabel
Maybe These Will Make The Point
Hurricane Elvis Revisited
August 2003
Roi Over Minutes, Days Or Weeks?
Disaster Equivalence
After The Storm
Hurricane Elvis
Challenges Continue
Will Things Ever Return To Normal?
Catching Up After The Storm
13 Days : 9 Hours : 45 Minutes
June 2003
At Least We Made The Top Half
May 2003
So Bad
Some Asinine Laws
Jackson Hit Again
February 2003
Almost 4" Last Friday
November 2002
Roadrunner Lost 2 Hubs
It's Beautiful This Morning
Ever Seen The Mighty Mississippi?