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December 2006
A Plea for 2007
November 2006
On Civility, Faith, Politics and Government
September 2006
July 2006
A Thoroughfare of Freedom
June 2006
Impressions and Attitudes
December 2005
Merry Christmas
by December 11 of 1941
September 2005
A Plan for Rebuilding
Inflection Point
June 2005
Pioneers, Africans and Soccer Moms
March 2005
And On the Third Day
Just One Book
February 2005
Three Rusty Nails
When Image Haunts
Quiet Calm vs. Desperation
Voters or Believers? Faith or Politics?
Bonfire For Your Vanity
January 2005
The Christian Blogosphere Convention
July 2004
Understanding The End
The Search Continues
June 2004
Pulpit Joke
World Advances
How Many For You?
Here's The Question
God In A Manageable Size
Popular American Spirituality
What's Your Worldview?
Know What Time It Is
May 2004
What Are You Chasing?
Prioritizing What He Wants To Fight About
Small World
How Important Is Death?
Hipaa At The Baptist Church
April 2004
The Great Divide
An Amalgam Of Bestsellers
Worship Services Illegal Or Merely Legalistic?
Seldom Surprised
I Serve A Risen Savior
Where's The Real Science?
March 2004
Of Higher Value - Courage Or Compassion?
The Way
If You're Searching, Search Here Next
Placing Blame
One Metric
February 2004
Some Numbers Are In
What Will The Experience Be Like?
Much To Think About
Will It Ever Stop
Could They Tolerate Any Other Answer?