Liberals At A Loss

30 January 2005

Liberals—without dismal news from Iraq—have decided to whine about Social Security reform. With Iraqis dancing at polling places and celebrating one of the highest turnout percentages in the history of elections, the liberals have to find their own visions of gloom and doom somewhere else. It’s almost beyond comprehension how badly they hate liberty.

Big media is still in shock that the vast majority of their news reports from Iraq have had to be positive this weekend. Try as they might, they’ve been unable to find a downside to the story of a totalitarian government turning to democracy in the span of twenty four months. Worse, they have completely missed the fact that this is the first free election in the history of Mesopotamia.

Sometimes the urge to say, “just shut up,” seems so appropriate. Give it a couple of days (or less) and they’ll concoct something to lament. Of this, you can be sure! By the way, there’s a 6.2 percent solution to the Social Security problem.

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