Hallucinations Don't Make Truth

20 November 2005

This led me to the conclusion that the religious right are the American equivalents of communists. They make us sound silly and stupid. Petty. Ridiculous.Dave Winer

It’s time to write again.

I’ve been quiet lately. There have been too many things going on, but none are more important than the protection of the freedoms cited by the Founders. To have a member of the far left in this country insinuating that conservative people of faith are communists would be laughable were it not so sad.

He’s better than that—I think. Americans—of both parties—are better than that. Derision is not part of the solution to this country’s challenges.

Write what you believe, but let’s try to find some balance between merely criticizing our fellow citizens and proposing alternatives to what they espouse. We need ideas far more than we need venom. We need brilliance not braggadocio.

It’s time to write again.

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