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September 2006
Proper Identity Theft?
Pretexting and Pretense at HP
February 2005
An HP Prescription
Hubris Fails Yet Again
August 2004
Hp 49g+
June 2004
Deny, Deny, Deny...Oops
September 2003
Call Me Crazy
Will A Sequel Be Written?
Stabs In The Dark
August 2003
He Got Their Good Product
Bill Hewlett Wouldn't Have Done This
Volume 13: For Sale And The End
Tracking The End?
Volume 12 Of The Saga
A Table Of Contents
Volume 11 Of The Saga
Volume 10 Of The Saga
Volume 9 Of The Saga
Is There Hope After All?
Volume 8 Of The Saga
Volume 7 Of The Saga
Volume 6 Of The Saga
Volume 5 Of The Saga
Volume 4 Of The Saga
Hp Remains Clueless
Volume 3 Of The Saga
An Open Letter To Carly
Volume 2 Of The Saga
First, Do No Harm
Atlas Did More Than Shrug