Without Focus

17 October 2006

In no order whatsoever are the following ruminations:

More people are issuing dares in traffic. It’s not the least bit unusual to have someone turn in front of you daring you to somehow violate all laws of physics that say an automobile driving at the speed limit can be stopped by a competent driver in ten feet or less.

More and more cars are being sold in Memphis that apparently lack turn signals.

Textpattern 4.0.4 was released this morning. I’m impressed that all prior sites work, but can now avail themselves of all the new features in the product.

Crime is up. Election day is near. Some world leaders are daring the rest of the world to do something about their contempt for all authority.

We’ve now got over 300,000,000 folks in this country.

IBM has just announced outstanding third quarter results.

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