Volume 8 Of The Saga

9 August 2003

I didn’t call HP again until Monday, August 4. One of the phone numbers I had been using was no longer valid and I was told to call an 800# and use their new voice response system.

Doing so, Dana answered. She told me that she didn’t handle Pavilion repair calls and I should hang up, call back and wait for an operator to answer. (F2/C12/P12)

On the next call I got Samantha. She couldn’t help me, but said that she’d connect me with Pavilion repair. (F2/C13/P13) She did. I got Maggie this time.

Maggie asked for my CSO#. When she realized the CSO# was dated July 26th, she transferred me to the notebook repair department. While holding for them, I was cut off. (F2/C13/P14)

I redialed. ”Your call cannot be completed at this department of HP. Please hang up and call again.” (F2/C14/P14)

I redialed. Sirhan finally answered. (F2/C15/P15) He asked for my model number twice. When I gave it to him, he said they didn’t handle that model, so he transferred me to another department. I couldn’t understand more than every fifth or sixth word that Sirhan said.

I held until one ear was compressed against my head. Then, while fully expecting HP’s usual performance, I was cut off.

I redialed the voice-response-activated menu system again. Indojet(sp?) answered the phone this time. (F2/C16/P16) She was astonished that I had not received my computer back from HP. She suggested I call back to the 800# and when the voice-activated response system asks me to say ”repair status,” she suggested I remain silent. (I can’t make this stuff up. This is the truth. It happened.) Oh, Indojet is not from this country.

I redialed the 800#. Ignoring the directive to say ”repair status” I was put into a loop of the phone system where it continued to return to it’s own greeting three times before bailing out to music on hold. I held.

Raj answered. Raj is from India. He needed my Case# and my CSO#. I provided both. He asked me if it would be ok if he put me on hold to check the status of my computer. I assured him I had no problem holding for an HP employee.

Twice Raj returned to the call from on hold and asked for ”two minutes to do research.” Each time it was granted by yours truly. Raj returned to the line a third time and told me that my zip code didn’t match the zip code on the CSO#. He asked if I’d like him to correct it. I freaked.

Raj was instructed to connect me to his supervisor immediately. I held for twenty minutes in order to speak to Michael. The score is now 2 faxes, 17 calls and 18 people (not including the FedEx guy). (F2/C17/P18)

Michael went through the whole thing with me. He said he had the authority to straighten this out. He needed 120 minutes to fix it. That was at 5:30 p.m. While I was on the phone with Michael, my electricty came on. I concluded with Michael and went out for dinner allowing my air conditioner to do its thing while I was gone.

Michael called my cell phone at 9:39 p.m. and said he would have an answer in 120 minutes. I assured him that would be ok. Michael works in Bangalore, India. I suspect some other folks I spoke to live there as well. Visibility into HP’s repair center in Milpitas, CA isn’t great from Bangalore, India. Trust me on this.

The morning of August 5, 2003, I awoke, looked at my cell phone and saw that I had a voicemail message. At 1:12 a.m. on 8-5-03, Michael called and said he needed 24 hours to determine the status of my PC. He said, ”I call you tomowow twee hows early dan dis time.” I assume he meant around 10 p.m.

It’s 12:01 a.m. on 8-10-03 as I write this. I haven’t heard from Michael again.

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