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14 September 2003

You’ll recall, if you’ve been keeping up with The Saga, that one of the folks who reads this weblog managed to get my difficulties escalated within HP. Well, I’ve had several conversations with folks at HP who seem genuinely interested in trying to help me.

When I got the first call from HP’s customer satisfaction people I pondered what my position should be. I had just about made up my mind to say, ”I’ve spent entirely too much time just trying to make a $2500 laptop boot up correctly. Unless you plan to replace this computer with a product with updated features and functionality that sells for around $2500, I’m not interested in pursuing this matter.”


well, I caved. Last Thursday, I let a guy talk me into doing an ”in-place” upgrade of the Windows XP Home operating system using my Windows XP Professional CD. Understand, HP wasn’t doing anything. They simply told me what they’d suggest I try.

So, during much of the weekend, I’ve upgraded the laptop to Windows XP Professional and installed many of my applications on it. So far, it has only locked up three times, which is a significant improvement from the way it has been behaving.

I’m supposed to call HP tomorrow to report my findings. Yet, the jury is still out on whether I keep this machine or not. It’s nearing time to upgrade some features anyway.

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