You Want To Know What's Still Difficult?

7 July 2004

For the first time today, I had the need for a concise list of postal or email addresses. I wanted to send a simple, business-oriented press release to sixteen media outlets in Memphis, TN.

Do you have any idea how time-consuming and difficult it is to identify the right sixteen contacts? I’ve got a couple of hours in the task already, and it is nowhere near complete. Sixteen names and addresses for people who might want to receive a press release about a business matter are hard to find.

Google or not, we’ve got a ways to go. One piece of good news in all this. I stumbled into another Memphis web site with an RSS feed. Feed subscribed!

[Note: This is not a cry for a solicitation from every advertising and public relations agency in Memphis. It’s sixteen pieces of mail for crying out loud.]

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