31 August 2005

Use your best critical thinking to decide how to help with rescue and recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. For one of the most comprehensive lists of possibilities, Instapundit is, as usual, a great place to start. Review Glenn’s suggestions by clicking here.

Engineers are meeting here in Memphis to develop the best ideas for solving problems in New Orleans. Let’s pray that they pick options that work quickly.

A great service that webloggers can provide is to serve as an information conduit among those who are seeking information about family members. With power out and all other manner of mayhem, people don’t know if their family members made it.

Soon, we’re going to see useful members of the media in the streets of New Orleans, Biloxi, Mobile, Gulfport and other communities. Useful will be defined by those who gather names from those on the street, and provide names from weblogs they’ve read. Useful will mean helpful and compassionate.

Obviously, victims may never see these listings, but the big media companies have communications in the midst of the catastrophe. Let’s put their pretty faces to work doing something fair, balanced and humane. Here’s one place to start. Let’s compile a more comprehensive list.

Closing, I give you a rant. Under present circumstances, looters come in two varieties. One is a street-thug with no morals, ethics, values or heart. He or she steals a television he can barely carry only to walk into three or four feet of water in a city that is dying or dead.

Shooting the looter on site borders on too merciful, but it’s not our way.

The second looter also lacks morals, ethics, values and heart. He or she has the authority to mark up gasoline at a BP Oil station in Atlanta, and stopped only after marking the gasoline up to more than $6.00 a gallon.

Again, it’s not our way, but chaining looters in the filthy flood water on Canal Street might make an example of them. But, it really isn’t our way.

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