Dollywood or Putt Putt?

15 December 2005

Measuring things can be tricky. To correctly provide a metric, you must usually have some certainty about who wants to know and why? Otherwise, you get purposeful distortions or you get inaccuracies brought about by imprecision.

“I think they should count them differently,” she said of the list, which combines single-ticket attractions, such as Dollywood’s theme park, with multiple-ticket attractions like the Golf & Games Family Park. The park counts every ticket sold to its three 18-hole Putt-Putt courses, two go-kart tracks, an arcade, a golf driving range, batting cages, a laser tag arena and, in warm weather, a bumper-boat ride.—from Bigger Draw Than Graceland by Michael Lollar writing for The Commercial Appeal [free subscription may be required]

There you have it. Memphis offers its number one attraction to the state of Tennessee list with a putt-putt golf course. Let’s hope we do a bit better job of appraising and assessing property for taxation. Oh, wait, this is Memphis! Yet, ten million people go to Dollywood every year?

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