Some Asinine Laws

15 May 2003

A Ridiculous Waste of TaxesI’m searching the U.S. Constitution looking for where it says I need to be protected from myself. I’m happy to fund an Abrams or a Bradley or two. I’m thrilled when we can track down Al Qaeda and rid the world of a menace.

Where does it say that I can’t be stupid? If I elect to ride alone in an automobile without my seatbelt fastened, where’s the harm? Why does the government need credit for saving my life?

Ok, yeah, I got a ticket. Eight police cars at a 4-way stop. At least 12 policemen walking in the middle of the street. Now I understand part of the reason for the corruption in Memphis and Shelby County. Faced with choices about ticketing lone drivers for not having on a seatbelt or cleaning up government abuses, our officials have made it clear where they stand.

I was wrong. I should have had my belt on. This country doesn’t need a law that says I should be ticketed when I don’t. Some laws are asinine.

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