In Memphis They Sit On Their Hands

24 September 2003

Here’s a test. You gather 200 friends and acquaintances in a room-the sort of people who attended your wedding or might attend your funeral-and you clink a glass. The room goes silent. You announce: ”I’ve just quit my job! I’m starting a company!” Watch the immediate reaction. In some communities, people will burst into applause. In others, people will stare at their shoelaces, check their watches and go home. Thriving communities applaud the bold risk-taker.

Rich Karlgaard
Where To Get Rich
Forbes Magazine
October 6, 2003

Smart CityCarol Coletta has done as much as anyone to try and stimulate a Memphis culture that is as different as can be when compared to Austin, Seattle, San Jose or Denver. Her SmartCity radio program, web site and weblog are strong attempts at awakening a stodgy old river town.

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