I Asked They Answered

16 January 2006

In the Textpattern support forum I asked, How did you learn CSS? Do you have advice for someone who wants to learn how to properly “write CSS” and position elements on the screen?

  1. a book or books
  2. strictly by doing; is there a sample problem you’d recommend?
  3. an online site or tutorial
  4. a software tutorial (e.g. StyleMaster or TopStyle?)
  5. by asking questions and getting answers
  6. a tutor
  7. a certain set of tools/software/websites
  8. some other way

They responded:

As a bonus, I learned of Hemingway, a template for another weblog application. I’m hoping that the Textpattern Theme Competition produces some templates like that one!

UPDATE: Resources for learning CSS continue to come in. One writer pointed to the following people and links:

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