Merged Company Mixes Grill

19 January 2006

Joyent acquired TextDrive and the two companies began merging their know-how, dreams and skills. Thanks to Dean Allen, the company continues to offer incredible products and services with the best still on the horizon. Today, there is another lifetime hosting arrangement offered with the first taste of combining the services of Joyent, TextDrive and also Strongspace. Take a careful look at The Mixed Grill. Here’s a glimpse:


  • 2 GiB disk space
  • Up to 15 top-level domains
  • 20 Gig bandwidth/mo
  • Unlimited mailboxes and subdomains
  • Up to 20 databases
  • All the great standard features


  • 9 GiB storage
  • 3 upload users
  • Unlimited read-only users

Joyent (available Feb 2006)

  • Complete hosted application suite, including email, files, contacts, calendar, and all future updates
  • Up to 5 users

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