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11 August 2004

Before it grows dark, Firefox will be in my forgettable past. I’m thinking that I have one of the computer/OS/registry/version combinations where Firefox simply cannot be made to work. For those who want to compare, my combo is P4-2.4Ghz,1GB/XP Pro SP1/who knows/who cares.

I’ve spent enough time looking for userChrome and userContent because they don’t install as part of the default. Adding them does no good.

I’ve spent enough time going to Start-Programs-Mozilla Firefox only to find there is no profile manager. When someone advocates getting rid of the existing profile and setting up another, I’ve got news. First, I deleted everything before my most recent install of Firefox. I also cleaned the registry. Yes, the app data-mozilla folder was deleted.

Simply going over there now and deleting the default profile, also removes all the extensions, bookmarks, etc. That’s where I started this morning and it’s no different from doing a complete reinstallation to get that stuff squared away.

For those enamored with computers, software, browsers and tinkering endless, I say, ”Enjoy Firefox.” For those plagued with a computer combination that is intolerant of Firefox in its pre-release version, save yourself. Don’t bother. Leave it alone. You can find better ways to waste time.

Perhaps when the product really has some market share and is installable by those who don’t live and breathe bits and bytes…well, we’ll see.

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