Open Source Is A Buzzword

11 August 2004

It seems the market is ready for a pre-release version of an open source automobile. Version 0.0.2 involves a steering wheel cover which will be standard on our open source car. With no more (qualified) developers than we have on board at the present time, we’re not sure when you might actually have a steering wheel for the cover, or tires, or an ignition switch, but many open source fans have been quoted as saying in breathless tones, ”Wow, you should see this, it’s simply unbelievably great and so much better than having to buy a steering wheel cover for that silly $85,000 BMW. With the announcement of version 0.0.2, we understand that BMW is really scrambling to figure out how they’ll keep up. After seeing the steering wheel cover, we know why!”

To those who tried to assist with Firefox, I continue to say, ”thanks!” Why it sort of worked, then stopped rendering properly, then headed steadily downhill is something I may never figure out. Apparently, software is like that and software people know it. All manner and fashion of suggestions have come in pointing at anything but the application called Firefox. Ignorant user. Wacko CSS. You must have changed something in Movable Type. Delete your profile. Have you considered reformatting your hard drive? Delete Firefox and reinstall it – five times! Try these five edits of the registry, but be aware that they may cause some systems to fail. Which systems? Well, we don’t know how to predict which systems. I see; well, thanks, but no!

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