A Firefox Puzzle

11 August 2004

Way too much of my day has been spent uninstalling Firefox, cleaning up the registry for any mention of Firefox, saving bookmarks, noting which extensions I was using, then installing a new, fresh version and testing. I was finally prompted to do this after a rather odd rendering of my own weblog wouldn’t correct itself. My past problems with Firefox have been well-documented and some great tips have been offered by Firefox enthusiasts.

As nearly as I can tell, none of my problems have been corrected by the fresh installation, but I’m continuing to do some testing to be sure. The latest puzzling problem is brand new as of this morning. Here is a cropped screenprint of my weblog as it looks in IE6. Here’s the way it has looked (all morning) on my computer in Firefox.

Notice that the vertical stripes don’t show in Firefox and the width of each entry is wider than the entry and day separators. I don’t know if other Firefox users are seeing it this way or not.

Can anyone tell me what is causing this difference? Nothing about my Movable Type templates or my stylesheet changed in the last 24 hours. Opera renders my site properly. What’s going on?

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  1. Rob Fahrni    11 August 2004, 13:25    #

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