Pda Phone Or Not?

28 June 2004

The cover of my Treo 300 broke off tonight. I’ve been lucky. In two years of heavy use, I had avoided this common problem. It’s particularly frustrating because there is apparently no repair procedure for it – warranty or otherwise.

In today’s technology life cycle, it’s unlikely an economical repair service could be offered. Now, the question facing me tomorrow:

  • Do I buy another Treo 300 since they appear to be really inexpensive now?
  • Do I move up to the Treo 600?
  • Do I go back to a separate cell phone and PDA?
  • Do I change from Sprint to another service?
  • If I get a separate PDA, do I stick with palmOne or move to PocketPC?
  • Is something right around the corner that I should wait for?

I’m off to Engadget and Gizmodo for answers… H E L P! Thanks in advance!!

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