The Phone Decision

29 June 2004

Having broken the cover on the Treo 300, the morning was spent searching for the right course of action. It turns out that I can get it repaired. This will buy me the time I need before the Treo 610/660 ships.

When I posted my dilemma last night, I had no idea I’d find an entry about the Treo 610 in yesterday’s posts at Engadget. Today there is an entry about a new device from Motorola called the MPx. At Gizmodo, I only had to go back as far as last Friday to find something on the Treo Ace (610/660?).

Bottom line: I’m hedging my time until the new device is available. I came close to buying a Treo 600 this morning, but backed off when there was a hint that my 300 could be repaired. Buying a little time, I’ll be able to make a late summer or fall decision about one of the next generation of all-in-one PDA/phones. A happy camper at this point! To those who sent emails and comments, many, many thanks!

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