Hosting Across Four Lifetimes

30 November 2005

Below is a table that represents my best recollection and research concerning the various lifetime hosting arrangements provided by TextDrive. These are not meant to be binding or to put words in anyone’s mouth.

Disclaimer’s done. I also think there has been some shifting in the specs of the older arrangements as newer ones have been offered. Then, add a couple of these together and you get still another mix of specs. Finally, merge TextDrive into Joyent and a bit of additional updating happens. Here’s my take on the original offers, but watch for edits and updates:


Perhaps we’ll provide another table showing how each of these has been updated to newer specs.

EDIT 1: 1LHR stands for Lifetime Hosting Redux and was briefly offered during June of 2004. That makes five offers of lifetime hosting—not four. 2VC4 is also known as The Mandelbrot.

EDIT 2: Corrected the date on the LHR from 2005 to 2004.

EDIT 3: On December 20, 2005, we got a spec for the VC accounts at TextDrive. These specs will henceforth be known as the Stairway to Heaven specs. Combine two or more and you’ll have an escalator.

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