14 August 2004

I’ve recently fought a couple of technical battles that didn’t end well. As one who has worked in the ”quality” field for many years, I’m not satisfied to pass over these failed attempts by merely deriding the technologies and the tools. I simply had to bail out in order to get onto other productive tasks.

Be assured, with some help, we’ll get this stuff figured out. While there may not be ”one best way,” there are ways to solve the problems. Many choices and decisions are ahead, but here are some things we’ll focus on:

  • Correcting” RSS feeds – The goal is to get the proper mix of feeds in the best formats available. I don’t mean rdf, RSS 2.0 and Atom. I want to understand specifically how each of these syndication feeds can be built from scratch to validate and provide the proper amount of information.
  • Firefox – There are two issues here. I get odd results using Firefox. I cannot pinpoint anything that’s wrong with my computer or the installation of Windows XP Pro. The second problem is the (suddenly) failed rendering of this site in Firefox.
  • Planning – This site is going to get redesigned and possibly moved to a new content management system. I’ve got lots of things I want the new site to do. This may take some time, but I’ve got to figure out how to capture the details and put them in a sequence that insures they do not get overlooked as the redesign is started. Yes, there will be a new logo, but details are not finalized yet.

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