Things I'm Missing In Firefox

13 August 2004

Having just bailed out of all efforts to make Firefox work, I’m tempted (and struggling to resist the temptation) by this excellent entry and comments at Douglas Bowman’s site. Most, if not all, of the discussion relates to the Macintosh. (I plan to join that happy band of users in the near future). However, much of it would be suited to any user of Firefox on any platform.

I continue to puzzle over ”what changed” that made this site suddenly stop rendering correctly in Firefox. For a long time it was fine. Now it is not and nothing has been (intentionally) changed in my code or CSS. While I wish all the Firefox users were seeing Rodent Regatta as it was intended to be seen, I have no idea how to return to that look. Something was altered, literally, overnight. At 10:30 or 11:00p.m. on Tuesday night, it worked. On Wednesday morning about 8:00a.m., it did not. I’m not content with ”things are sometimes just weird in…XHTML or CSS or browsers or whatever.” There’s some logical explanation for what is different and how it came to be different.

One of the things I miss most about Firefox is the web developer toolbar extension. I didn’t realize how dependent upon it I was becoming. In the struggle to learn CSS, XHTML, standards, etc., it’s an incredible resource.

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