Update On Firefox Use

9 August 2004

This morning I upgraded my copy of Firefox from version 0.92 to 0.93. The upgrade went fine. However, all of my past annoyances remain. I’m updating the list in bullet form here:

  • clicking a link in an email message triggers a dialog box titled ”Locate Link Browser,” even though the link I click on has already launched another copy of Firefox and taken me to the link URL.
  • Firefox often just locks up and stops responding
  • If I post an extended entry in Movable Type and want to use the editing icons (b, i, u and URL), they don’t work. Instead, they paste the link I’m trying to add in the entry body rather than in the extended entry.
  • pdf files open, but they’ll lock up Firefox
  • the feature called ”clear search history” in the Google toolbar for Firefox won’t delete the last search item; it has to be deleted separately
  • my scrollpad still won’t scroll; the scrollpad works like a mousewheel when I’m using IE6
  • favicons stop displaying fairly often
  • instead of properly displaying some web sites, I often see the broken QuickTime logo instead; I think this has something to do with the way some sites are built for IE viewing, but it may be a Firefox failure as well

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