Dolls And Swift Boats

6 August 2004

The news today noted that the men arrested at the Albany mosque were fingered by some documents found at Al-Ansar sites in Iraq, of all places. Iraq! Imagine that. I would sleep better if I could snort sure, its a plant and tell myself that its all made up, its all a joke, a phony show designed to make us look the other way while a cackling cabal of Masons and Zionists figure out how much arsenic they can put in the water next year. (Arsenic: the fluoride of the left.) But no. I am one of those sad little pinheads who think its really one war, one foe, with a thousand fronts. And I want us to win.

If you bridle at the terms us and win you really are reading the wrong website.

James Lileks
The Bleat
August 6, 2004

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