Dividends And Losses

6 August 2004

MCI posted a loss for the quarter and announced a dividend. Apparently, while they were hiding from their creditors in the bankruptcy court, the coffers filled up.

This is the industry that gave you ”slamming.” That’s the practice – less prevalent now – of changing your long distance service without your knowledge. I’ve now dealt with three different telecommunications companies in various reseller roles. Not one of them has been able to honestly calculate and pay the referral fees they claimed they would pay. In two different companies, the commission rates they agreed to pay were altered because they changed the terms on the customers’ contracts. The appearance is that they simply did not want to pay what they agreed to pay.

We’ve got a long way to go before reliable, ethical and revolutionary IP communications technologies are available end-to-end from a top-performing company. The mystery in all of this is why some industries just seem to attract and retain the unethical types.

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