A Sampling Of Ten

28 July 2004

Eric Meyer refers us to a table where 10 web sites (mostly designers) are compared in a table of twenty-five characteristics. It’s useful, interesting and furthers the cause of web standards.

It seems to me that designers are nearing the point where a set of rules for ”proper” design will be accepted. These won’t be rules about colors or fonts, but rules about such things as links, character encoding, printing stylesheets, etc.

Things like ”clean URLs” or titles as URLs need to be nailed down. Basic navigation techniques need to be nailed down. These statements of preferred techniques don’t have to limit the artistic freedom designers have. Rather, it focuses more time on the graphic design, because the basics will be understood.

  • * * UPDATE * * * Note the discussion by Dave Shea and Jon Hicks in response to their inclusion in the survey.

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