Macintosh Questions

17 July 2004

  • When is the next generation of PowerBooks expected?
  • Is it anticipated that the next PowerBooks will be G5-based?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages to 15” vs. 17” PowerBooks?
  • Is there a favorite carrying case in the Mac PowerBook world?
  • Can a Macintosh join a Windows Server domain?
  • Can a Macintosh comunicate with a Windows Terminal Services server?
  • Is a Windows-emulator required to make these things happen?
  • Is a CD or DVD the only or best way to move data from a PC to a Mac?
  • Will a new PowerBook connect easily to an existing Linksys WAP?
  • Memphis will charge almost ten percent for sales tax. That $300 or so will buy lots of software. Is there a way to buy a Macintosh that would dramatically lower my sales tax?

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