Justifying The Macintosh

17 July 2004

There’s a risk in using IE6. If you use Windows and IE6 there’s a lot to do to keep your PC safe from intrusion and running well.

You can switch to Firefox. I’m running version 0.9.2 with only two or three extensions. There are problems. Open a pdf file in the browser and Firefox will ultimately lock up. Cancel it from the task manager and Firefox quits. Relaunch Firefox and you will face a long startup time, all favicons will be lost until the sites are revisited, and the pdf problem will return the next time you open a pdf file.

What to do? Well, I like Firefox as an alternative to IE6. It takes some downloading of extensions, but it works – sort of. My problem is the fact that I need a system that is more dependable. I can’t deal with my browser locking up and needing to be restarted just because I viewed a pdf file.

Solution: I’m going to buy a Macintosh with all the trimmings.

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