Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way

24 June 2004

Tech Republic is a site I visit from time to time. Today I got an email from them that carried this headline, ”Should an AS/400 refugee go MCAD or MCSE?” I have no idea why I clicked on the link. Having done so, I realized that I was in a discussion forum concerning a guy’s search for a new career path.

What was interesting was how other techies were advising a techie. Clearly, there were all forms of geekdom represented in the tips this guy received. There were also pieces of advice about opening a retail store, becoming a carpenter or seeking the rewards of mortgage brokerage.

In its own way this thread of discussion provides clear insight into why the I.T. function is in such desperate need of leadership at most companies. Some incredibly bright people simply must be channeled to those projects and tasks that are of highest value and highest return to the organization.

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