How To Do An Interview

24 June 2004

The proper style and methods for interviews have been lost in the hiring of ”pretty faces” and ”radio voices” in today’s 24×7 cable news people. One of the worst – and there are so many – is Jon Scott. Couple poor technique and bad manners with ”ninety seconds to tell two decades of history” and we’ll just talk over each other until…I’m sorry, we’ve got to pause for this commercial break.

Conjunctions are the worst enemies of today’s television interviewer. An interviewee who uses these words sends fear and trembling through the pretty faces who spend more time getting wardrobe and makeup correct than conducting serious interviews. ”I’ll give you a little of my airtime, but never lose sight of the fact that this news broadcast is about me and my airtime!

Oh, and everything isn’t ”breaking news.” They think all of us are dolts.

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