Let's Take It

27 April 2004

Today, I’m in a hawkish frame of mind. I’m ready to win in Fallujah. I’m ready to know that a friend mentioned in this article is safe. I’m ready for our military people to see, feel and know that we appreciate what they are doing.

Someone said something recently about making France the 54th state. With certain stipulations I could deal with that. For all those still distressed over an absence of WMD’s in Iraq, I’m ready to annex Iraq, too. I wouldn’t be one bit ashamed of having a U.S. territory in the middle east. I’d dare Syria to even glance our way.

If Saudi Arabia said anything, I’d slant-drill under the border, and sell their oil. Iran still has it coming anyway, so they could get in line, too.

War is hell. War isn’t for talking heads. War isn’t for intellectual exercise. War isn’t for United Nations approval. Let’s get the guys what they need to win, support them and find out who is next in line. I’m steamed!

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