400 Truckloads Of Pistachios Per Day

1 January 2004

In a recent op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal Robert Reich cited an interesting statistic to support the notion that the USA is not the only country ”losing” manufacturing jobs. The numbers were: In 1910 agricultural workers producing food for us made up 33% of the work force. Today, 3% of the workforce grows and produces our food.

His point was – and is – that productivity gains have accounted for most of the ”loss” of manufacturing jobs; not outsourcing to overseas producers. Think about how many industries where this is true. Better still, think of even a single industry or manufacturing sector where it isn’t true!

You’ll see the connection to these statistics if you read about Robert Scoble’s field trip to the pistachio farm. Rob Fahrni, who works on the operation’s I.T. needs, talks about further enhancements that Longhorn may bring.

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