It's In The Details

5 September 2003

I’m going to go back and edit an entry or two. First, I’m going to edit this one. I’ll be using the guidelines found here. I’m not editing for content. I’m editing the markup.

Then, I’m going to edit this one. I understand the principles behind the recommendations that have been made. The most troubling thing is that I was using a plain vanilla copy of Movable Type, and I was using the standard editing features associated with the text entry box. What the comments have tought me is that I must plan to hand edit every entry in order to be certain that the entry has all of the attributes that the best designers advocate.

My only difficulty in doing this rests with CSS and the headings tags. Using my own lingo, it appears that CSS ”programs” each heading tag to cause text to look a certain way. If what I’m trying to do to a title or heading isn’t achieved by one of my ”pre-programmed” headings, I don’t know how to alter it. I’m sure there’s a way using [div] or [id] or some other tag, element, value or attribute, but my knowledge hasn’t progressed that far.

I think this extends to the positioning of the heading as well. I believe you must have pre-ordained that a certain [h] tag is centered in order to center a title or heading. Anyhow, I’ll be digging into this some more this weekend.

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