The Million Dollar Opportunity

18 August 2003

No, this isn’t the latest spam to hit your inbox. There’s a multi-million dollar opportunity lurking in literally thousands of companies. To my knowledge, it has not been addressed. Here are the seeds of it:

On the front of the room they ran a screen that showed how many calls were waiting, and how long they had waited to get to me. I don’t want to talk about those numbers, but they weren’t good.

Robert Scoble

Robert had just returned from helping Microsoft answer support calls concerning the ”worm.” He saw what a call center can be like. The art and science of matching capacity to demand in a call center is tricky work.

Most companies do not get it right. Hold times, abandoned calls, busy signals and flakey ”message-on-hold” technologies make a customer’s experience dismal. Get those things right and you may find yourself spending so much that no increase in customer satisfaction will be sufficient to cover your investment.

The state-of-the-art in 800#-support technology is still pretty bad. Figure this one out and you make zillions!

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