Happy 21st, Angela!

7 May 2003

It’s your birthday. It’s hard to imagine that we’ve known each other for 21 years. I wish you and your granddaddy in Memphis had known each other better. Instead, we only have very few pictures of a big-eyed, quiet little girl sitting in his lap looking around. You were only seven and a half months old when he died.

Now you’re a senior in college. I couldn’t be prouder of you. You’ve got such a sweet spirit, an incredible sense of humor and God’s light shines through you in all that you do.

Dads wish daughters wouldn’t grow up. In fact, Dads may never turn loose of the little girls that first made their impressions. Was it when she first smiled at him? Was it when she first laid her head on his shoulder and cried? Was it the last time he saw her cry? Whatever the situation, daughters remain daddy’s little girls for life.

No matter how far you go; no matter how much the joy; no matter how deep the sorrow, you’ll continue to be Daddy’s little girl. Twenty-one or not, Daddy will always be at your side. One of the great joys this Dad has experienced is seeing you and your two wonderful sisters grow up as best friends, siblings and allies in everything.

May God continue to poor rich blessings on you and all that you do.

I love you,


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