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7 May 2003

Unless I’m missing something here, the news aggregator choices have shrunk to Newzcrawler and FeedDemon.

Amphetadesk is out due to poor performance, difficult organization of the news and limited improvements to the product over time. Syndirella is out because my initial attempt to install the product was met with an error message. No time to troubleshoot.

Radio remains an important tool, but I intend to use Radio for a new weblog and I’ll be setting up Radio’s aggregator specifically for those topics.

That brings us back to Newzcrawler and FeedDemon. I like both of these products because, for very little money, it looks as if both will be well-supported. I’m particularly impressed with Newzcrawler’s ”Outlook-styled” user interface, but I plan to start learning TopStyle so, I like Bradsoft’s backing of FeedDemon. Here’s one of FeedDemon’s screenshots.

The comment light is lit. Let me know what you think or what your own experiences are.

  • * * UPDATE * * * Syndirella is working fine and is back in the hunt. I was tired last night and overlooked the fact that I was trying to run the installation executable from WinZip, rather from a folder. Problem fixed this morning.

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