Movable Type Has Plugins?

10 December 2002

You know how the cartoon mouse or bird was often able to lift some enormous hammer, thousands of times his body weight, and wield it with even greater power to flatten the pursuing kitty?

That’s what I feel HTML does to me. Not just HTML, but Movable Type, images, graphic design, layout, CSS, validation and all the rest. Just as I get a little bit comfortable with some aspects of this, I learn that some huge area of specialization exists that I wasn’t even aware of. Dawn’s got a great FAQ area and she asks and answers the question about Movable Type plugins. I had no idea something called plugins existed for MT, nor do I have any clue whether or not I use plugins here.

This is the point where I run whining to ”my designer” to ask questions. Cut to Marlon Brando yelling, ”Stella…Stella…” Only it’s me yelling ”Stacy…Stacy…”

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