Photos In The Weblog

13 November 2002

Now that I’ve found out (I think) where a graphic image (jpg, gif, etc.) go in the directory structure at my webhost, I want to start taking and posting some photos. I’m counting on being able to build a directory structure beneath the primary ’graphics’ folder so that photos can be separated by subject matter or photo outings or whatever.

The next step will be to learn something about how photo editing software works. How do I display a thumbnail that then links to a larger photo? How do I keep things fast? What are the dimensions on a thumbnail that are appropriate? Does 100×200 mean the same thing from one computer to the next?

Understand that I’m years behind everyone else in getting my own hands on the web. We’ve developed large e-commerce applications for clients and integrated those app’s to backoffice transaction processing systems. It seems that only a tiny fraction of that work involved HTML, graphics, etc.

Now I want to figure this stuff out and learning on my own is proving to be terribly frustrating. If you’ve read this far and have suggestions about where and how to learn, let me know.

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