All The Excitement Is Over

6 June 2002


I think this is my weblog neighborhood. I’m not sure what good it is now that no one is using or talking about this stuff, but here it is late. I’m also unclear as to whether this is somehow being kept dynamically or maybe this dates back to the last ”gather.” Ok, it dates to the date of the gather. Apparently the Events that the instructions refer to is not the link on the right hand side, but instead it is one of the choices in the menu at the top of your local weblog page – up there where Prefs, etc. are located. Further, that Events link takes you to an EventsLog that only shows the weblogNeighborhood link immediately after a ”gather.” So, all of my searching there today isn’t going to do any good, because that link is gone. Were it there, apparently it would have been of the form or weblogname/misc/weblogNeighborhood.html.
All of these are mere details to those who are lawyers, librarians or developers. To those of us lacking the requisite number of brain cells, those details made the difference in success and failure.

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