New Tools and New Versions

12 January 2006

Recently some new software has entered the toolbox or will very soon. Different people get excited about different features in software. Sometimes there’s a definite functional aspect that sets a product apart. There are look-and-feel issues that carry the day for others. Notepad sits at one extreme. Perhaps TextMate sits at another.

Here are some tools that are becoming a bigger part of my work:

FeedDemon 2.0SnagIt

Social networking tools haven’t typically been on my radar screen. However, I think ma.gnolia may have the potential to change my thinking. Newsvine is a new way to look at (and contribute to) reported news. I’ve used FeedDemon to subscribe to RSS feeds for some time now. Under new ownership and with version 2.0 just around the corner, I’ll be spending more time reading sites via the aggregator. Finally, SnagIt has caught my fancy as a useful tool for dealing with images.

Click the logos above for more information about each tool!

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