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29 November 2005

In the discussion forums for TextDrive I mentioned that I’d be willing to work the mailroom for a company like Joyent/TextDrive. It’s true. There is simply no doubt in my mind that for the masses who try to configure their home wifi routers or move everything from the old PC to the new one, Joyent is a better way. For those who operate a small business and try to keep their copies of Outlook populated with data from Quickbooks Pro, Joyent is better.

Extend the notion to web sites, hosting, shared files and the need to keep regular backups and the Strongspace, TextDrive and Joyent approaches are far superior. Web-based applications will offer lower life-cycle costs and greater benefits than client-server apps installed on customer-owned (and administered) servers.

One of these days there is going to be a way to launch a company completely on line. Some blend of applications like NetSuite and Joyent and Strongspace is going to be installable with a web-based form that triggers all of the integration small businesses need so badly.

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