A Chore

27 November 2005

Mint is a software product designed to help you determine how the web views your web site. It goes beyond mere referrer logs and groups information into meaningful blocks so that future design decisions can be more appropriately tuned to your audience.

This morning I made the update from Mint v1.14 to v.1.23. It wasn’t exactly gene-splicing, but it also took some time, some concentration and some care. Mint allows other software developers to add something called Peppers. These are like extensions or plugins that capture or sort web traffic information into other views.

There is still a bit of a task to determine which Peppers have been updated for the latest version of Pepper. They lag behind by hours, days or weeks. Then, the installation of these Peppers involves copying exactly the right files and folders into precisely the right places at the appropriate time.

Finished, it is worth the effort.

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