News and Opportunity

7 October 2005

There is opportunity buried here somewhere. The news about things happening on the Internet is compelling. We’re nearing another transformation in the ways that people get and share information and entertainment.

For some this will mean investing in public companies or IPO’s. For others it will mean going to work at a new business or in a new industry. Startups will form.

Skeptics continue to ask who will pay for the Internet. The answer can be found by asking, “who paid for all of the big media coverage of the recent storm disasters?” Hint: the business of advertising is changing.

The key is sifting through the news to find the underlying opportunity.

A conference called Web 2.0 has been going on. has been sold to Verisign. has been sold to AOL.

NetNewsWire has been sold to NewsGator Technologies, Inc. shortly after NewsGator bought Bradbury Software, LLC.

AJAX is all the rage.

Large fiber optic networks can still be purchased for $2.21 per share, yet they will clearly enable our use of future web applications and more.

Open source mounts its latest challenge to Microsoft’s market share with Google, Sun and announcing allegiances and alliances. Some yawned.

Cities are pursuing “free” Wifi networks at an unprecedented pace, but government doesn’t know how to deal with that trend.

Where do your dreams, aspirations, interests and skills fit in the sweeping changes that are afoot? What will you do?

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